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In the modern world, nobody just sits in his office to accomplish business activities. Businessmen have gone mobile and they are using devices to keep a track of business activities when they are on the move.

To keep the flow and speed of work uninterrupted, Upkeepreality, a key to efficient property management comes into play that helps property managers and real estate agents to keep a track of all properties they manage and what needs to be done for any maintenance that is necessary.

Upkeepreality is also helpful to property owners when they are not living there. It is a SAAS-based property management solution that enables managers (or owners in case they decide to care of their property personally) of residential and commercial properties to take complete control of every aspect of their property, including scheduled maintenance, tracking repairs & cash flow management. It is an on-demand software solution that serves the tracking and management needs of property owners

This application has an iPad as well as traditional desktop version. The iPad is for tasks like data entry and processing, communication management. On iPad, the user can keep a track of work in progress, or file reports. The desktop version is for viewing reports, check all the data sent from iPad and analyzing results.

Managing property becomes simple as breathing with Upkeepreality because one can check the condition of entrance hall, kitchen, dining hall, bedroom and bathroom in an estate with ease. Any required repairs can be compiled and a log for the same can be created.

A property manager using this application has a dashboard where data of all the property he/she manages can be kept in a SaaS dashboard. Information like property status, contacts, appointments and activities related to property can be recorded. Properties listed in the dashboard can be categorized under various types.

In case a property has to be leased to someone, property manager can simply carry out a procedure to lease out property to an applicant.

The important features of Upkeepreality are as follows:

Quick Data Entry

Short-cut Abbreviations:

Upkeepreality allows quick data entry of common items, like Polished Floor Boards – PFB. When generating reports, the long-hand definition is translated and printed.

Push Button Icons set to YES:

Push Buttons default to "YES" Only report on exceptions, making data entry faster and more efficient.

Historical Snapshots of your properties:

Reports are saved by date. Hence, the user can see current and previous reports and the touch of a button.

Full Roll Over of Previous Reports:

With Upkeepreality, user only have to report on what has changed at the property from the last inspection, saving time and money.

Online Access and Storage, Instant Updates for Owners and Tenants:

Reports can be accessed anywhere, anytime. User can simply enter data using mobile device, and instantly update his landlords and tenants.

Room Photos and Line Item Photos:

User can use Upkeepreality to familiarise himself with the room photo, then add detail per line items if needed. At reporting, photos are labeled for easy recognition. This is also beneficial for Court Presentations and tenant negotiations.

Easy to Follow Wizards Guides:

Upkeepreality ensures that no room gets missed with Wizard style guides making data entry easy, so Property Managers can focus on the detail.

Maintenance Reporting:

Upkeepreality’s clever design identifies maintenance items, summarises, and lets you assign the task to the Landlord or the Tenant. A click on “finalise” and the maintenance task is created, and lists sent for tenants and for landlords.

Communication Templates:

Property manager can standardise his communications for Condition Reports and Routine Inspections, so all communications present his company at the highest of professional standards, no matter who entered the data.

Following are the benefits of Upkeepreality

  • This suits multi-family managers looking to reduce costs while also increasing property life.
  • Its role-based dashboards give owners, service providers, property managers and leasing agents increased visibility into the facets of the property that are important to them.
  • The integrated solution over web and tablet devices makes it easy to use software with real time property pictures and reporting tools.

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