Privileged Identity Management


Privileged Identity Management is subcategory of Identity Management whose focus is dedicated to privileged accounts, important accounts used by the team of IT administrators, select business users and even applications that are crucial to the business operations of the organization.

Organizations that are implementing or considering implementing PIM solutions need to prioritize security as a major concern because privileged accounts are targeted time and again by external attackers cracking firewall and malicious insiders (rogue employees) who have access to sensitive data. Such malicious employees can gain control of the IT infrastructure for unscrupulous purposes.

Privileged Account Security solutions are a perfect response to numerous problems regarding the security of IT Infrastructure. These solutions approach Privileged Identity Management with a laser focus that aims to secure the most sought-after accounts in an organization.

In comparison to Privileged Identity Management, Privileged Account Security offers and delivers better protection, threat detection and response to cyber attacks. It has no parallel.


  • Tamper-proof storage: Privileged Account Security solutions offer a unique digital storage system for credentials, log files and recordings that cannot be tempered with. This storage system ensures the secrecy of sensitive information and prevents unauthorized access to it and its misuse.

  • High availability modules and disaster recovery modules: These modules include secure backup, built-in fail-safety measures, and simple recovery system to meet all requirements regarding secure data backup and speedy disaster recovery.

  • Strong authentication support: Privileged Account Security solutions offer multi-factor solutions for authentication purposes. These solutions enable companies to leverage existing authentication solutions for privileged accounts.

  • FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography: This cryptography addresses all requirements regarding compliance and security.

  • Customizable “request workflows”: PIM solutions offer request workflows for credential access approval. These workflows can be customized and they include integration with helpdesk ticketing systems, dual controls and multiple additional parameters

  • Segregation of duties: It is easy segregate duties of all accounts and employees. This ensures every employee would not have access to every application. Access to select applications results in privileged credentials being accessed only by authorized users for approved business reasons.

  • Real-time behavioural analytics: These analytics help users to detect and disrupt in-progress attacks on the applications.

  • Efficient Administrative Interface: Single pane of glass administrative interface for IT infrastructure, along with end-to-end privileged account security solution delivers centralized and streamlined management. It also provides unified reporting.

  • Security better than expectation: Privileged Account Security solutions offer unprecedented security with unrivalled vaulting technology and multiple security layers that are built-in for encryption, authentication, tamper-proof data protection and audit storage.

  • Every record available: Detailed audit logs, individual accountability records and audit session recordings streamline auditing and forensics activities.

  • Detailed information: Detailed information about in-progress attacks reduces damage to the business and quickens remediation time.


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