Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

At present, the pharmaceutical & life sciences industry is undergoing drastic change and is marked by complexities namely – patent expirations and generics vs. Mergers and Acquisitions, traditional sales vs. social media, shrinking drug pipelines vs. increasing drug discovery prices, and compliance vs. competitiveness. To attain the right balance for success, companies need to have efficient and cost- effective business models, along with innovation across the enterprise.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Changing marketing and sales model : Customer collaboration and interactions and commercial operations are all transforming because of Web 2.0 revolution, changing customer demographics and mobility. Latest technology solutions can help companies to seamlessly attain digital shift and deliver successful results with a combination of cross-channel interaction, analytics and customized messaging.
  • Increased patient-centricity : Nowadays, patient centricity has increased. People have become more evolved in terms of treatment regimes and health management decisions. They no longer want just drugs, they want long-term health solutions. Their expectations have risen, expecting more compliance support for chronic treatments at low cost with better outcomes.
  • Worldwide compliance and regulation : Globally, pharmaceutical & life sciences organizations are facing increased government intervention regarding healthcare with higher scrutiny of ethics, safety, quality and comparative effectiveness. Managing and navigating the compliance and regulatory patchwork worldwide is now a business-critical concern, which demands robust IT frameworks that effectively and efficiently improve compliance.

Our Expertise

We, at Leo TechnoSoft, are armed with expert industry professionals, who completely understand the quickly shifting industry dynamics and recognize avenues where integrating technology into pharmaceutical and biotech would really pay off. We offer an all-inclusive suite of solutions for pharmaceutical & life sciences enterprises across the complete value chain – starting from drug discovery to sales, from marketing to product life cycle management.
We provide assessable business value by addressing challenges in the following ways:-

  • Transforming Business : We work with clients to drive business transformation, which increases their top-line revenue. We begin by re-engineering of supply chains and then completely modernizing their e-commerce infrastructure. Moreover, we provide compliance transformation solution, in addition to digital marketing services. Our solutions and services drive both, the shift to a patient-centric approach and the sales revenue productivity.
  • Inducing Innovation : We aid organizations to capitalize on increasingly growing digital and multichannel marketing opportunities with the help of our revolutionary digital marketing team, which empowers companies to improve their marketing effectiveness as well as recognize business value of every dollar spent on marketing. Our solutions enhance R&D productivity and endorse collaboration to change the pace of breakthroughs.
  • Efficient Operations : We have a proven track record in managed services, because of our efficient operations and capability to deliver quantifiable savings. We render significant cost benefits for our clients, be it for application maintenance services, or organization-level architecture to optimize IT strategy.

Our Solutions

  • Leo Pharma SFA: OnDemand Solution from Cloud
    • Relationship Customer Management
    • Sales Force Automation
    • Business Intelligence and Forecasting Reports
    • Mobility for Sales Force
  • Leo Clinica : OnDemand Solution from Cloud
    • Clinical Document Management
    • Knowledge Management & Information Management
  • Leo Secure Access
    • CloudAccess : Access & SSO Management
    • CloudAccess : Identity Management
  • ProactEye - SIEM
    • Log Management
    • Security Events Monitoring
    • Threat & Vulnerability Management
    • Availability Monitoring
    • Compliance Reports

Our Services

  • Application development and maintenance
  • Cloud Services
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Infrastructure services
  • Packaged application services
  • Software as a Service
  • System installation, validation, test and support

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Radiology Software
Knowledge Management System
Web based Pharma SFA
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