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Reaching out to potential customers is now a 24x7 reality and LeadZoomer helps you do that precisely  through effective branding strategies. The dedicated team of search engine optimizers, content writers, PPC experts, internet marketers and web designers at LeadZoomer suggest improvements to empower and streamline online operations using best practices at minimum pricing.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides a complete set of cloud computing services that enable clients to build sophisticated and scalable applications. It's a collection of remote computing services that together make up a cloud computing platform, offered over the Internet by Amazon.com. Today, hundreds of thousands of customers of all sizes, take advantage of these cloud computing services in a diverse set of industries, including healthcare, media, financial services, insurance, real estate, retail, education and the public sector. The most central and well-known of these services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. The AWS cloud computing platform provides the flexibility to build your application, your way, regardless of your use case or industry.


ProActEye is a one-stop destination for all your Cloud security endeavors. And why is it so? It’s as simple as it’s obvious. Our data safeguarding and monitoring services are programmed on an absolute 360° security monitoring model.
It’s a square deal at zero capital investment. From the infrastructure to manpower, all the needs are catered under one roof, by us. And since we have a dedicated team for managed services, you are rest assured of 24*7 monitoring.

Investronaut's Initiative to shape ideas to Reality

Investronaut gives wings to your ideas and helps you reach newer heights of success. A dedicated experts’ team understands, conceptualizes and delivers end results according to your requirements. Investronaut serves as a pleasurable business companion, accompanying you during your journey to conceive, fund, build and market your vibrant business ideas.
Investronaut allows you to capitalize on your ideas by following guided personal services methodology and pitch to our global investor pond. We are pioneers in the space of embedding your entrepreneurial aspirations into start-ups and building it to brick and mortal.


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