Mobile Lab

Leo Technosoft presents Mobile Lab that not only saves your time and money but also rates your app on the basis of its compatibility with various devices. Mobile users want the apps to be compatible with every device.
Testing one app on all devices requires time, patience and a lot of money. But Mobile Lab saves your expenses as it has all devices that would test your apps to save your time.
With Mobile Lab, you can plan properly, the requirement that your app would serve. From choosing the device and interface you want your app for to custom icon that you want for your app, you can plan everything here along with the budget you would require for your dream app.

Mobile Lab for Testing by Leo Technosoft

Every single day, not one but many mobile apps enter the app stores owned by tech-giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft or Blackberry. Devices require apps and consumers want apps that are compatible with all devices. This is the reason for mobile companies to test the apps before launching them.
However, testing the apps is a time consuming process and it also costs a lot of money with companies investing money in the purchase of all iOS devices or all Android devices for which the app has been designed. Mobile Lab guarantees secure automated mobile application testing and development for following operating systems:

The Mobile Lab tests the apps for mobile companies and tells them the status of compatibility the apps in question have with relevant devices.


Mobile Lab for Development by Leo Technosoft

Thanks to Mobile Lab, now you can get every minute details of your application development, without any complexities.
Being the first company to star mobile development in India, Leo Technosoft is a master of app development for all major mobile platforms.
Mobile Lab for Development offers customized solutions for all types of smart phones. This lab also has softwares that can help you run your application on any device in the fastest and most cost-effective way. Giving you every minute details of app development, Mobile Lab for Development can also help users to have access to your application from any part of the world.
When you use the services of Mobile Lab for Development, here you have not an outsourced company but a dedicated team that accomplishes the task for you.

Benefits of Mobile Lab

As mentioned earlier, Mobile Lab saves your time as well as money. You can focus your budget to app development and Mobile Lab Testing for Android will save you from buying Android devices for testing. Similarly, Mobile Lab Testing for iOS saves the money needed for the purchase of iOS devices.

In the form of Mobile Lab, you get a fully synchronized lab with all required entities like bypassing networks, cloud device and network via modems.

Via Mobile Lab, Leo TechnoSoft offers mobility services for Internet of Things (IoT) that include mobile app development, testing, app migration as well as integration and consulting to assimilate mobile devices related services with IoT Services.

Mobile Lab is the approach that Leo Technosoft has already achieved at a time when other mobile companies are still planning to start it. Hence, if you are new to Mobile Lab Testing, you can try it without fear as you have nothing to lose but you can gain a lot.

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