Mobile Lab

Leo TechnoSoft serves the Mobile Lab i.e. mobile library for the prototype development of the various apps for all the mobile devices which are compatible with all the mobile operating system. For an individual, it is not an easy task to test and monitor the compatibility with each device as it requires lots of time and patience. Apart from this, you have to invest money in various mobile devices and it costs you a lot.

The mobile library serves all the resources required for the mobile app prototype developing and testing. It also allows you to plan the app and design the customized look and functionality for the app within the fare budget.

Mobile Lab for quality assurance

The main agenda of establishing the mobile library is to provide the testing setup for the mobile apps. The mobile lab performs all the required testing to assure the quality of the mobile app and accomplished the goal of defined quality standards.

Mobile lab for prototyping

The Mobile Lab of Leo TechnoSoft has the skilled and experienced mobile app development team which helps you to develop the prototype of apps for various mobile devices in the respective technology. The crucial task in the mobile app development is to make it compatible with all the devices. Mobile Lab guarantees secure automated mobile app prototype development and testing for following operating systems:

Challenges For Mobile App Development

  • Platform selection -

In the development of mobile app prototype, the crucial yet influential thing is the selection of the platform among the native and cross-platform. Both the platforms have their pros and cons. Once the platform for prototype development is decided it eases the further process.

  • Device compatibility -

In the market, there are various types of operating systems and variety of smartphone models. While developing the prototype for the mobile app we have to take care that it would be compatible with all the devices.

  • Navigability -

It is essential to provide an easy and effective navigability. The user must get navigated to the desired page with an ease.

  • App performance -

The prototype should not take time to open and should not have poor functionality; hence the app must be the lightweight and must possess security and reliability.

  • Budget and resource management -

The most challenging thing in the mobile app prototype development is to get the skilled resources that are domain expertise in various mobile app development technologies and the various mobile devices for testing the apps.

Benefits of Mobile Lab

Mobile library provides you the experienced prototype development team and suitable infrastructure for development.

The Mobile Lab has completely synchronized lab with the required software and mobile devices with all the operating system like Android, IOS etc. It also has other required entities like bypassing networks, cloud device and network via modems. The development team provides the prototypes for the apps and their testing.

Via Mobile Lab, Leo TechnoSoft offers mobility services for the Internet of Things (IoT) that includes mobile app prototype development, testing, app migration as well as integration and consulting to assimilate mobile devices related services with IoT Services.

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