Transition to Cloud

We manage your company's move into the cloud. We can advise you on the areas of your business that would benefit from the migration, give you a comprehensive breakdown of the costs involved and then offer you the technical know-how and support to make sure the transition is a as seamless as possible.

Our expertise in cloud application development means we can also work to migrate any of your current line of business applications onto the Windows Azure cloud platform or Amazon EC2. If you are constantly paying out for storage, servers or software then we can help to consolidate them all into the cloud, streamlining your business and saving you money..


Enterprise applications to the cloud

We help organizations with migrating various enterprise applications, e-mail servers, portals, CRM etc from their corporate networks to the cloud infrastructure. We can help you with choosing the right solution provider, migrate your applications to the cloud and seamlessly integrate your applications existing processes.

Migrate Portals and Web Products

Uptime, scalability, speed and cost effective solutions is the requirements of every any web portal or product in today's age. Our team can help you take advantage of the cloud computing offerings to easily achieve these. We can help you migrate your web applications from dedicated, co-located or virtualized hosting to cloud infrastructures.

Our highly expertise team will help you to migrate to clouds in three ways

From Internet to Internet - We take your infrastructure from traditional servers to the clouds.

From Intranet to Internet - We help you to move from your in-house IT infrastructure to the clouds.

From Intranet to Intranet - We assist you to form your own private cloud and help you to migrate.


Evaluation: Cloud Adoption Assessment

Our cloud consultants roll up their sleeves to determine your pros and cons for adopting a Cloud platform. Additionally, we will explore hybrid cloud adoption strategies, and phased deployments.
We specialize in porting existing systems to the Cloud. We will analyze your existing infrastructure and software and report exactly which systems are best suited for the Cloud. We also provide detailed reporting on cost savings that can be made across your company by implementing a Cloud strategy model. Our cloud assessment is based on the current challenges with your IT infrastructure and operations. Our consultants work closely with your organization to determine which applications will give your the most value by moving them to the Cloud. Also, we assess the challenges and risks in adopting the Cloud platform.

Application Migration to the Cloud

You might want to undertake a pilot exercise with a handful of applications to uncover risks and process changes, and also help justify the business case for migration to the Cloud. It’s beneficial to perform the first migration properly and therefore form a baseline process to evolve before further application migrations to the Cloud. We provide experienced cloud consulting services to plan, oversee, and implement your pilot or phased migration. The purpose of any pilot is to ensure a seamless shift of your operations to cloud services and also provide knowledge transfer and learning back to your organization.

Migration to Cloud

We provide migration of your entire IT infrastructure to the best cloud solution meeting your needs. Including Application servers, database servers, mail servers, back up servers etc.

There are a number of ways to migrate an IT infrastructure into the Cloud

Physical to Cloud - This approach would be used when the physical servers are being migrated directly into the cloud.

Virtual to Cloud - Over 80% of all enterprises have already completed at least one virtualization project. While there are some similarities, Cloud architectures are far more abstract which adds complexity to the project.

Cloud to Cloud - Sometimes it is necessary to migrate from one Cloud provider to another environment.

Virtual Cloud - This approach offers a great solution for companies that require a completely private network while still moving workloads into the Cloud.

Cloud Bursting - This approach is not strictly a migration approach, but is a method for leveraging the power of the Cloud for elastic scaling.

Full migration - This is the right approach to choose if the objective is to preserve the existing systems.

Virtual data center in the Cloud - This solution can be very apt for companies that are not ready to give up on their existing data center infrastructure but want the capability for transparent cloud bursting.

Cloud bursting and hybrid environments - For companies that want to use the cloud for augmentation of their existing services the option of taking a portfolio approach to service locations might be the right solution.

Engagement model


Monitoring  Cloud

The relentless security attacks on corporate networks are a big issue for organizations for all sizes. Leo TechnoSoft delivers powerful security tools and expertise to help protect your business-critical server applications with its innovative solution - ProactEye. ProactEye is an on demand Cloud based SIEM & Change Monitoring provider for Network, Cloud & SaaS applications that's backed by an agile 24x7 incident response team.

ProactEye looks to address the following problems

  • Sophisticated attacks are happening on devices which are protecting your business critical data and infrastructure.
  • In Today's world internal clouds are not inherently secure.
  • SaaS Application lack security visibility and risk awareness to protect sensitive information.
Identity & SSO Management

Leo TechnoSoft’s comprehensive Identity & SSO Management framework covers the entire lifecycle (creating, managing and de-commissioning stakeholder identities). We help you implement effective access control mechanisms; maintain user information integrity and confidentiality; reduce the cost of user management; reduce the cost of helpdesk calls and application maintenance while increasing productivity.



  • IAM consulting: Identity lifecycle / security compliance consulting, architecture evaluation
  • Directory services: User / group / role profiling and consolidation
  • Identity Lifecycle Management: Evaluating compliance and controls evaluation, audits and reports
  • Access management: Role engineering, role-based access control, single sign-on ( SSO)
  • Integration with portals, BPM tools and ECM for forensics and content security



Engagement model

End to End

Based on the previous experience Leo TechnoSoft believes that one of the most successful ways to bring about a product into the market is to let the experts handle the development. As such, Leo TechnoSoft recommends an engagement idealogy where in the complete Design,

Your Own Team

Continuing on the philosophy of a single team that works on the end to end development of the software product, Leo TechnoSoft adds a new dimention to Outsourced Product Engineering, where in our clients

Case Study
Offshore Integration and Deployment
IT Infrastructure Management
Cloud Set up & Transition

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