Manufacturing industry develops equipments that simplify things for others, so, it’s important that the information technology that they employ themselves, should simplify their work as well. This necessitates off-the-line innovation, on-demand visibility and right-on-time insights.

As consumer spending is increasing in developing economies, emergence of centers of manufacturing excellence and innovation is on the rise. Therefore, to break away from the common, it’s necessary for the manufacturers to meet head-on the industry forces in their complex configure-to-order, make-to-stock and make-to-order requirements market.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Strong Competition :Manufacturers need to create, source, build and deliver based on best-talent and best-cost decisions. Moreover, the regulatory environment imposes flexible controls throughout the company.
  • Complexity of Supply Chain : Nowadays, companies are done with traditional supply chain. They are progressively procuring from low-priced centers that are becoming more and more popular and interesting, and are in turn ensuing highly complex supply chains, which are difficult to optimize and manage.
  • Earning Value from Technology Investments: Although technology enables flexibility in worldwide operations as well as supports transformational proposals, manufacturers still struggle to validate their investments for simplifying and standardizing their technological support organizations and business systems.

Our Expertise

We, at Leo Technosoft, aid industrial manufacturing clients deliver outcomes that are built to last. We deliver them value by harnessing technology to advance efficiencies, attain complete visibility throughout the company functions and outshine in customer service.
We provide assessable business value by addressing challenges in the following ways:-

  • Inducing Innovation : We collaborate with clients to develop and market new products and support their partnership with our leading-edge technology expertise in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). This expertise reaches evolving technologies like digital marketing, mobility and cloud computing. Our services are leveraged for solving complicated engineering problems as well as for reducing product cost.
  • Transforming Business : We offer product engineering, technology consulting and supply chain re-engineering to improve competitiveness. We aid clients gain increased value in ERP-led transformation engagements with top-class practices and an established delivery model.
  • Efficient Operations : We address expanding networks and increasing complexity with solutions for business intelligence, supply chain visibility, global collaboration and analytics. Our solutions create a difference in your bottom-line by reducing costs besides increasing the value delivered through sourcing.

Our Solutions

  • Accelerated Design & Development
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Operational Efficiency
  • IT Cost Optimization
  • International Material Data System (IMDS)
  • Sales and After Sales
  • Compliance Data Exchange (CDX)
  • Product Lifecycle Management

Our Services

  • E-Commerce
    • Crowd Funding Platform
    • E-Store
    • Coupon Distribution System
    • Ticketing and Booking System
  • Portal and Information Management
    • Social CRM
    • Enterprise Content Management
    • Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
    • SharePoint Work Flow systems, Document Management System
    • OpenERP and ERP implementation and customization services
  • Mobile Application Development
    • Server side application development
    • Native apps for mobile devices
    • SaaS on mobile
  • Social
    • Social Networking Platform
    • Media Distribution Platform
    • Social Plug-ins

Case Study
SaaS Based CMS
Forecasting System
iPhone|iSite Development
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