iPhone Application Development

Leo Technosoft has expertise in iPhone Application Development using Mac machine and simulator. Apple technologies like iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch framework, and objective C language have facilitated high-level applications to be accessed in the iPhones.

We create rich Web Applications for iPhones using

  • iPhone Web Development Plug-in
  • Ajax library
  • CSS and JavaScript functionalities

Our areas of excellence can be seen in our

  • Innovative Add-ons & Plug-ins
  • iPhone content development
  • Integration of inbuilt features with OS architecture
  • Various upgrades & enhancements

For Leo Technosoft, the apps development process for iPhone is a streamlined development process. Using the Cocoa Touch framework, we have developed interactive applications for high-end touch screen and easy-to-use iPhones. With the development of iPhone Apps, we provide a degraded level of access to various third party applications facilitating the developers to build iPhone applications for Office/Business applications, Multimedia applications, Internet applications, Games and so on.. 

iPhone Application Interface

We have a team of expert professionals specializing in iPhone application development, and providing steady support services. The development team at Leo Technosoft, using their vast knowledge and experience, is capable of iPhone Application Development, iPhone Mobile Application development & Website Development, iPhone Programming and many other advanced features that are being included in the functionalities of iPhone. We can make third party iPhone applications for this revolutionary device. We have a track record of successful projects. Our dedicated focus is towards quality deliverables.

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