Identity and Access Management


In the world of computing, Identity Management (IDM) is defined as the management of individual principals, their authentication, authorization, and privileges within or across a computer system and enterprise boundaries with the goal of increasing security and productivity while decreasing cost, downtime and repetitive tasks.

In simple words, IDM is the task of controlling information about users on computers.

Cloud computing enhances and improves security regarding digital data and makes a positive impact on the productivity of an enterprise. However, managing the information, credentials and privileges of every individual in an enterprise is never easy.

With the threats of malware and data theft becoming rampant, upgrading the security system frequently is always a challenge. The Identity Management service ensures foolproof security, offering the Cloud Based Identity Management (IDaaS).


Cloud Based Identity Management makes cloud computing, an easy task with following features that include:

  • User provisioning/de-provisioning

  • Password management and synchronization

  • Provisioning to SaaS applications

  • User self service

  • Role-based provisioning

  • Integrated approval workflow

  • Compliance management with full audit and reporting

  • Visual provisioning workflow designer

  • Advanced reporting on user access

  • Reconciliation & attestation

  • Continuous compliance and validation

  • Connectors to a variety of systems

  • Fine gained delegated administration

  • Pay-as-you-go, scalable model

  • No hardware, software or administration costs

  • Flexible deployment option with private cloud, public cloud or hybrid model

  • Integration with existing security infrastructure

  • Integration with other modules beyond cloud structure

The benefits of IDaaS are as follows : 
Speedy Deployment:


Different and more advanced from traditional security solutions, Cloud Based Identity Management (IDaaS) is deployed in hours or days depending on the number of applications or users. No hardware or software installation is required for this. With tools like Single Sign On (SSO), password for applications remain protected and user does not need to remember multiple passwords either.

Audit, Compliance and Reporting:


Federated as well as interoperable identity infrastructures dramatically simplify the task of monitoring and documenting policy compliance. IDaaS allows business enterprises to gain in-depth visibility into user access across on-premise and Cloud applications for security, audit reporting and compliance. It also provides extensive and granular audit and reporting capabilities to meet any operational, legal, or compliance requirements like PCI, HIPAA, SOX and many more. Compliance reports present easily and quickly generate reports to you in order to save your time, money and other resources regarding audit requirements.



IDaaS is compatible with a multi-tenant environment. Regarding cloud computing, it meets industry standards, allowing organizations to enable security for internal and web-based applications regardless of the application platforms, access protocols, or existing identity infrastructure. IDaaS is an important component for Access Management that lists rules and regulations of an organization regarding access to the applications. The purpose of Access Management is to authorise which applications can be accessed by managers and which applications are accessible for all users.

Reduced IT Complexity and Cost:


As mentioned earlier, Cloud Based Identity Management allows for provisioning and de-provisioning users automatically. This can reduce the helpdesk cost and IT support for business enterprises with user self-service capabilities to manage passwords.

Enhanced Security:


A change in a user’s role or access rights results in a change in their levels of access to all applications including web, SaaS and internal enterprise applications. New adjustments are made automatically and immediately.


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SSO for Enhance security and compliance
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