Healthcare sector is incessantly evolving owing to technological advances, regulatory reforms and patient centricity. Since, the conventional technology measures for rendering care, managing revenues and serving employers and policyholders, have become progressively ineffective, the Healthcare sector calls for improved, efficient and effective technology. A technology that aids Healthcare Providers, Payers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Government & Public Health Programs to deliver high quality service at reasonable price points, as commanded by the regulatory agencies. Moreover, the technology that assists the consumers to interact with the service providers easily and effectively.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Increased Expenditure : Healthcare and Life Sciences industry is bearing the increasing medical and functioning costs, besides improving quality and efficiency. With Leo TechnoSoft’s IT services and solutions, companies can curtail inaccuracies and redundant medical tests and treatments, while assuring improved healthcare delivery via patient data analytics, testified medication and paperless communication.
  • Regulatory Compliance : The Meaningful Use mandate, ICD-10 and HIPAA 5010, impacts everyone personnel, technology and processes in the Healthcare and Life Sciences domain. Our services, strategies and solutions stimulate the transition, and the companies attain smoother journey, with reduced costs, efforts and risks.
  • Growth of Consumerism : Due to vicious competition and developing markets, companies are shifting towards consumer-centric business models, marking an increase in demand for personalized and customized products and services, besides increasing the pricing and product transparency. Our services aid the companies to easily make the transition by providing advanced IT integration that enables seamless interaction and communication between providers and patients.
  • Prevention Adoption : There has been a swift change in the Healthcare and Life Sciences domain from cure to prevention. Customers are increasingly investing in active and healthy lifestyle. Thence, providers and insurers are capitalizing on this change by extending programs which support healthiness, prevention, and early spotting. To propagate this agenda, social media plays a key role, whereas analytics and bioinformatics play a vital role in ameliorating prevention statistics. Leo TechnoSoft’s services aid the providers and insurers to achieve the same in an effective and efficient manner.

Our Expertise

We, at Leo TechnoSoft, provide transformed and reinvented technology that is built, thinking ahead of times, with the aim to aid healthcare providers to rise above the rest and last amidst the cut throat competition happening at present in the industry. We are a strategic IT service provider serving healthcare ISVs as their one stop technology partner helping them Build - Serve - Manage - Extend their innovations on latest technology.
We provide assessable business value by addressing challenges in the following ways:-

  • Transforming Business : We, at Leo TechnoSoft, cause transformation to increase the top line revenue of our clients, who have employed us for strategic programs such as modernization programs like renewing legacy systems and constructing a platform to cover the entire range of wellness and disease management.
  • Inducing Innovation : Leo TechnoSoft solves complex business problems and co-creates new solutions with clients, which fast-tracks their impact and improves the time to market. With Leo TechnoSoft solutions, healthcare plan sponsors and payors can provide users with futuristic business intelligence to engage consumers and grow business.
  • Efficient Operations : Leo TechnoSoft solutions inject efficiency into Clients operations as the delivered technology is up-to-the-minute, regulatory compliant, injected with business intelligence, and which coerces results that are patient-centric, provides preventive care and are affordable. In addition, this technology helps the healthcare organizations to have seamless collaboration and communication amongst the industry, besides tending to the extensive advances in remote, digital and mobile applications.

Our Solutions

  • Leo PACS.
  • Leo Electronic Medical Reports
  • Leo Hospital Information System.
  • Leo CRM System
  • Documentation Management System
  • Collaboration & Internet Solutions.
  • Knowledge Management System.
  • Migration to Cloud

Our Services

  • Portal and Information Management
    • Hospital Web Portals
    • Patient - Doctor Easy Interface
    • Hospital Information Management
    • Self Service & Custom Health Portals
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
    • Hospital Performance Management
    • - Hospital Information Dashboards
    • - Realtime Performance Analysis
    • - Patient’s Records Management
  • IT Support and Protection
    • Transition to Cloud & Virtualization
    • Remote Server and Database Management
    • SIEM on Demand
  • Business Process Transformation
    • EMR Management
    • Medical Reports Management
    • Patient’s Records Management

Case Study
Dental Management Inc
BI For Healthcare
Web based Pharma SFA


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