Elasticsearch is a search server based on Lucene. It provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with a HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents. Elasticsearch is developed in Java and is released as open source.

Features of Elasticsearch :

  • Real-Time Data :
  • ElasticSearch clusters can be polled actively in every 5 seconds. Most recent status information can be seen just by refreshing the screen

  • Monitoring Clusters :
  • Using Elasticsearch, you can stay on top of your cluster health in real-time with top-level overview data and drill-down fine-grained stats.

  • Node Monitoring :
  • Elasticsearch actively monitors individual nodes for changes in performance from I/O (Input /Output) to Memory usage.

  • Indices Management :
  • With Elasticsearch, you can refresh, optimize, delete, and view Indices Metrics with a simple click of a button. That includes Shared and Alias information as well.

  • Search and Query :
  • Flexible Query feature makes it easy to search your Index or Indices.

  • Elasticsearch ends the hassles regarding different formats like cURL, REST APIs, and JSON. The powerful REST UI (User Interface) does it all for you.

  • Diagnostics Checkup :
  • Elasticsearch can analyze key metrics across all of your nodes, and actively provide helpful hints and solutions.

  • Real-Time Advanced Analytics :
  • Elasticsearch has high speed, due to which, analytics swiftly present data. Interactively search, discover, and analyze features gain insights and help you to improve your products or streamline your business.

  • Massive Distribution :
  • Elasticsearch allows you to start your operations on a small scale as your business is starting to grow. You can add more nodes, and let the cluster automatically take advantage of the extra hardware.

  • High Availability :
  • Elasticsearch clusters are resilient. That is why, not only they can detect new or failed nodes, but also reorganize and rebalance data automatically, to ensure that your data is safe and accessible.

Benefits of Elasticsearch along with services offered by Leo Techno Soft :

  • Monitoring service :
  • ElasticSearch clusters can be polled actively in every 5 seconds. Most recent status information can be seen just by refreshing the screen

  • Cluster management service :
  • Elasticsearch has sleek, intuitive UI. It enables you to operate Admin API, without going through the hassles regarding REST and cumbersome JSON requests and responses.

  • Architectural design consulting service :
  • Leo TechnoSoft offers architectural design consulting service for Elasticsearch.

  • Elasticsearch compatibility service :
  • Elasticsearch can be made compatible with projects that are not being developed via Elasticsearch. Leo TechnoSoft helps new Elasticsearch users to implement Elasticsearch on those projects that were not originally being developed on Elasticsearch. Changes to make projects compatible with Elasticsearch can be made.

  • Server maintenance :
  • Leo TechnoSoft aids Elasticsearch users in the maintenance of Elasticsearch servers.

For further enquiries drop in a mail to enquiry@leosys.net or call us at 407-965-5509.

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