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Cyber world offers various functionalities that can help businesses speed up their tasks and ensure easy access to the data and digital files. However, the involvement of cyber realm in the business also opens the business to the new threats like hacking, malware and data theft. To ensure proper security of your data, right consulting is necessary.

Why Leo TechnoSoft for IT Security?

  • Elaborate security plan:

    We think beyond adding more passwords and firewalls to give more security to your business.

  • Planned strategy:

    We believe that defending your business is a dynamic, strategic activity.

  • Thinking ahead:

    Compliance is based on existing threats, but does not prepare you for future threats. Leo TechnoSoft security always strives to be ahead of cyber attackers and hackers.

  • Adaptive protection:

    Protection must be both proactive and adaptive. Efficient protection should allow your customers in, but keep threats at bay. This is what our security management services ensure.

  • Skilled team:

    Team of Security Veterans with overall 120 years of experience works to keep your applications protected.

Following are the Security Management Services and solutions offered by Leo TechnoSoft:

Security Consulting Services

Our consulting services include advisory and assessment, architecture, implementation and assurance testing. Included here are plans, to be executed for strengthening IT Security and technology strategy. Other security solutions offered include:

  • Zero Day Assessment:

    Vulnerability assessment of applications.

  • Security Benchmark Assessment:

    Benchmark is defined as the act of running a computer program, a set of programs, or other operations, in order to assess the relative performance of an object, normally by running a number of standard tests and trials against it.

  • Technology Consolidation:

    It consolidates IT infrastructure and eliminates redundancy

  • Security Portfolio Assessment:

    We check your security portfolio and check the gaps in it so that your security portfolio can be repaired timely and avert the risks it was prone to.

  • Threat Management:

    We strengthen your security system so that it can counter all current and potential threats.

  • Security Operations Centre (SOC) Process Consulting:

    If you want your SOC, we can help you plan its location and structure to ensure foolproof security for you.

Applications Security as a Service

Our skilled personnel help deliver the maximum value from security solutions. These solutions include:

  • Single Sign On:

    It is a session/user authentication process that permits a user to enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications that are synced with the application accepting the username and password.

  • Identity and Access Management:

    Identity Management covers issues such as how users gain an identity, the protection of that identity and the technologies supporting that protection.

  • User Access Broker:

    Access Security Broker is a security layer that leverages Identity as a Service (IDaaS) to provide inside-app visibility, governance, data protection and a host of other essential security features.

  • Two Factor Authentications:

    This technology provides identification of users by means of the combination of two different components.

    Leo TechnoSoft also enhances the security of Internet of Things (IoT) environments via Access Security Broker. The services of Access Security Broker include central server for identity management, real time prevention and data security. Analyzing the privileges regarding Internet of Things (IoT) usage, Access Security Broker protects data leakage. It also empowers IoT users to manage application access control.

Network Infrastructure Security as a Service

Deploy a complete set of security solutions that defend both the perimeter and interior of your business. Solutions under this include:

  • Log Management:

    The record of user signing into application is maintained with the time of log-in till log-out. Each and every activity is recorded.

  • Vulnerability Scanning:

    Scanning to determine the strength and vulnerability of applications and their immunity to cyber attacks.

  • Intrusion detection & Incident response:

    Any unauthorized attempt to access an application is detected in real time and alert notification is sent to the IT Team immediately.

  • Security Event and Information Management:

    Security Information Management (SIM) service is useful for the collection of data such as log files into a central repository for trend analysis. Security Event Management (SEM) service used on enterprise data networks to centralize the storage and interpretation of logs, or events, generated by other software running on the network.

Data Security as a Service

Get the necessary security controls to protect Your Most Important Assets:

  • Cloud Apps Data Leakage Prevention:

    Behaviour patterns are used to protect applications which are on the cloud, whether internal or external.

  • Big Data /Data Threats Protection:

    Elaborate policy can be designed whose purpose is to shape the correlation between User Behaviour Analytics. Data leak policy elaborately defines the kind of user behaviour that can be considered as normal or suspicious.

  • Risk Management – User Behaviour Analytics:

    Based on patterns, the acts of user and everything that user is trying to access are monitored. If some log-in during odd hours or unauthorised log-in attempt is detected, alert is sent to the IT Team.

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