Cloud computing is mounting at rapid rates far greater than any other IT wave and SaaS has been the driver for that growth. This conversion has forced many business organizations to change and build novel ways to deliver services in a cloud-centric IT world. Leo TechnoSoft’s zero-effort single instance multi-tenancy SaaS-Tenant enables a single instance of your application to serve thousands of tenants (external customers, partners, internal business units, branches, franchises, etc.) Together with our feature rich modules, SaaS Tenant gives you unparalleled capabilities in building, managing, monitoring and administering your cloud solution.

For our partner, SaaS-Tenant is the framework of choice for the considerations of multi-tenancy for a few reasons :

  • Multiple web tenants enable a multiple instances of your application to serve thousands of your vendors.
  • Single web tenant to serve thousands of your customers.
  • Multi-tenant data model designs added which become smart configurations with SaaS-Tenant.
  • Provide option from a single coupled database, specific database schema per web-tenant or an Isolated database per web-tenant.
  • Provide Multi-tenant modules for customer on demand.


Leo TechnoSoft’s Pharma SFA is a Cloud based and on the Mobile Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation solution that increases sales force effectiveness by over 50% and minimizes expenses by over 80% transforming into higher sales revenue. It’s an ideal Cloud based framework that reduces your infrastructure cost and streamlines business functions.Its USP being it can collaborate with your CRM and Business Intelligence Reports.

The key benefits being:

  • Customization on demand to meet your exact requirements.
  • Access to the source code for your in house development team.
  • Supports more than 20 BI dashboards to evaluate the efficiency.
  • Support on mobile devices for flexible accessibility and mobility.
  • Integrated plug-in to ERP available to support end to end automation.


The relentless security attacks on corporate networks are a big issue for organizations for all sizes. Leo TechnoSoft delivers powerful security tools and expertise to help protect your business-critical server applications with its innovative solution - Proacteye. Proacteye is an on demand Cloud based SIEM & Change Monitoring provider for Network, Cloud & SaaS applications that’s backed by an agile 24x7 incident response team.

PROACTEYE looks to address the following problems:

  • Sophisticated attacks are happening on devices which are protecting your business critical data and infrastructure.
  • In Today’s world internal clouds are not inherently secure.
  • SaaS Application lack security visibility and risk awareness to protect sensitive information.



Eliminate the hand delivery of business critical information which is prone to being lost or stuck under a pile of papers. Automate all your unstructured content into the document management system: emails, paper documents, images, electronic forms, spreadsheets, videos, and more. Leo TechnoSoft’s Cloud file platform is an enterprise document management tool used to eliminate paper in organizations of all sizes by easily scaling from small business applications to enterprise solutions. It addresses every stage of the document life cycle - from creation, reviews and approval to archiving and disposal - and is ideal for managing compound business documents.


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Document Management Software
Cloud Based File Sharing Platform
Cloud based Pharma SFA


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