Key Advantages of BOMT
  • Model acts like ready to use venture for Start ups that do not require additional investment or local knowledge to get a subsidiary working in offshore location.
  • Our expert product engineering team takes care of not just building, operating and managing but also marketing the product unlike the traditional off-shoring models which does not take into consideration the marketing aspect.
  • Start-ups own a venture with most efficient use of available budget and without investing much effort and time.
  • Lowered risk for start-ups as we bear the initial risk of building and operating and marketing the product.
  • Helps start-ups expand their technology, introduce innovation and develop new ideas as well, without much investment.
  • Opportunity to capture market share rapidly or address a critical need in a short period of time.
  • Reduced operating risk and knowledge retention when related to sensitive processes.
  • Ability to launch a complete end-to-end solution in short duration.
  • Start-ups need not worry about finance, infrastructure, hiring the right talent as well as other facilities.
  • Start-ups can concentrate on the core business as other activities will be taken care of by our expert professionals.

Case Study
SaaS based Domain Management Platform
SaaS based CRM
SaaS based Project Management System

SaaS Tenant Framework

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