Alfresco is the leading open source enterprise content management system. Leo TechnoSoft offers a full suite of Alfresco services. We provide Alfresco consultancy and support for Enterprise Content Management and web content management. Call us today to develop solutions based on the very popular Alfresco platform known for its scalability, leveraging the power of the open source platform.

The benefits of using Alfresco :

  • Follows a simple content sharing model
  • Highly Scalable and Fault Tolerant Service Oriented Architecture
  • Effectively manages the deluge of content that is generated in daily jobs
  • Supports searching using Google-like search and Yahoo-like folder browsing

Alfresco Development :

Leo TechnoSoft has extensive hands-on experience in Alfresco implementation and customization. We have expertise in Open Source technology that can help you switch over to Alfresco and integrate with the rest of the applications seamlessly. The Alfresco development team at Leo TechnoSoft leverages the power of open source platform to provide solutions for Enterprise Content Management and web content management.

Alfresco Support :

Our team of skilled Alfresco professionals provide a complete range of Alfresco support and consultancy services. This consists of support for deployment and implementation, consultancy support, assistance in evaluation and assessment, implementing key business processes, and more. Our Alfresco experts help our customers to achieve significant goals utilizing the Alfresco platform.

Alfresco Migration :

Leo TechnoSoft, a leader in open source management migrates enormous document management applications having a proprietary ECM to Alfresco with ease. This way we help our global partners attain cost savings, better application performance and increased ROI. The migration from an existing ECM to Alfresco platform is a cost effective process as it reduces the cost of licensing.

For further enquiries drop in a mail to or call us at 407-965-5509.

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