Advisory & Assessment

Leo Technosoft helps you to strengthen your IT Security with following factors:

  • A comprehensive review and evaluation of the current state of your security, for your infrastructure, network, data and users is carried out.

  • Also analyzed are your operational processes, procedures and gaps in coverage. A thorough vulnerability assessment is done to identify potential areas of security risk. After that, recommendations (advisory) are provided for improvement.

  • With latest technology and security expertise, we provide manual as well as automated configuration reviews on the existing data infrastructure and network devices.

  • Systems and devices with missing software patches, insecure configuration settings, and authentication vulnerabilities are identified. Potential internet exposures within web applications such as input validation, service and application configuration, and authentication vulnerabilities are reviewed. Changes are made when needed.

Key features of assessment service :

  • Identifying and understanding business processes.

  • Pinpointing the applications and data that underlie business processes.

  • Finding hidden data sources.

  • Determining the hardware underlying applications and data.

  • Mapping the network infrastructure that connects the hardware.

  • Identifying the controls already in place.

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