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Leo TechnoSoft is a global solution provider in Product Engineering, I.T Services, Cloud Computing, Mobile Application Development and Infrastructure Support with expertise in the latest technology implementation. Set up in 2006, Leo TechnoSoft is a technical support partner specializing in building, serving, managing and extending technology on a Cloud and on Premise enterprise environment. We also provide specialized business consulting services that we term partner product development and operation optimization services. These services allow us to support our clientele at every stage of the product and implementation life-cycle.

Leo TechnoSoft‘s operations are in USA (Los Angeles and Chicago) and India (Pune), along with extension offices in Dubai and Singapore. Our Research & Development centers are located in Pune, India and Chicago Midwest, USA. With a global presence, Leo TechnoSoft is armed to meet a client's needs regardless of their location.

Our Specialization

The four key services of Leo TechnoSoft are Product Development, Operation Optimization, Mobility and IT Infrastructure Security.

Product Development :

Leo TechnoSoft is one of the very first companies in India that started work in Cloud environment and can be gauged by the array of products that it has developed to work on “The Cloud”. Leo TechnoSoft believes every new innovation or product concept needs a partner that can orient as well as enable them to reach the market.

Cloud computing helps companies to leverage the benefits of quick scalability and rapid deployment without the hassles of managing on-premise infrastructure.

We also offer consultancy services to companies that want to build cloud computing facilities within their organizations. Our sound technical background and expertise helps to effectively manage infrastructure in a SAAS environment.

Leo TechnoSoft set up Offshore SaaS R & D Lab in early 2006 for Enterprise and Consumer start-ups and ISV’s. Our SaaS Product Engineering Lab has successfully released numerous Product 1.0 endeavours.

Click here to know more about our Product Development Service.

Operation Optimization:

Leo TechnoSoft’s IT Services offer strategic Technology consultancy and solutions, which leads to process optimization and to gain maximum advantage of solution to reach max ROI. The services we offer include Information Management, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence and Workflow Management.

Click here to know more about Operation Optimization service.

Mobility :

Leo TechnoSoft has also opened a new portal to the IT World with a Mobile Lab where mobile apps can be developed and tested on devices running on Android, iOS and Windows. The Mobile Lab also provides the necessary infrastructure to start-ups and ISV, allowing them the scalability and resources necessary for a high level of performance.

Testing one app on all devices requires time, patience and a lot of money. But Mobile Lab saves such expenses as it has all devices that would test the apps developed here to save your time. Apart from saving expenses, Mobile Lab also helps you to estimate the potential cost of app that you want to develop, simply by filling a form here

Click here to know more about our Mobile Lab.

Cloud Infrastructure Security :

Using internet for business opens the business to the new threats like hacking, malware and data theft. To ensure proper security of your data, right consulting is necessary. Cloud Infrastructure Security is an efficient kind of IT Security that includes elaborate security plan, well-planned strategy, out-of-box thinking, adaptive protection and skilled team.

Cloud Infrastructure Security Services offered by Leo TechnoSoft include Zero Day Assessment, Security Benchmark Assessment, Technology Consolidation, Security Portfolio Assessment, Threat Management and Security Operations Centre (SOC) Process Consulting.

Our services keep up with the trends and help provide our customers with apps solutions that not only serve their purposes, but provide all the benefits of the latest technology.

In addition to our product development services, Leo TechnoSoft also offers digital marketing services to promote your product and allow you to reach your target audience.

Click here to know more about our Cloud Infrastructure Security service.

Our Innovation

Leo TechnoSoft has developed a unique business model called BOMT. This business model is an innovative hybrid partner product development model that is extremely helpful to Startups, ISVs and Entrepreneurs to launch their business with minimal risk and maximum ROI for business sustaining and expansion.

Click here to know more about BOMT model.

To know more about our products, services and helpful webinars for our customers, check out our blog Click here .

Our Infrastructure

Although having base office in Pune, India, Leo TechnoSoft has additional offices in Midwest/Chicago, Indiana, Los Angeles, California, and extension offices in Dubai and Singapore. Our access to a wide range of IT personnel, along with years of experience in the industry, allows us to provide the appropriate skill level and expertise that a project or organization requires.

Click here to know more about our infrastructure.

Our Team

In order to cater to diverse needs of client, along with professionals, we also have a directors and managers from diverse backgrounds for diverse management. Click here to know more about our team.

Our Social Life

The members of Leo TechnoSoft family are not machines always focussed on work. They work hard and party harder. See the glimpses of our social life here .

Our Partners

Along with our services, our partners are also from diverse industries and backgrounds. We cater to a wide variety of clients. Click here to know about our partners.

Our Vision

  • To be a strategic partner and help our client to get maximum ROI and advantage.
  • Be a long term partner to our customer and bring success in their business

Our Mission

The four words that describe our mission are Build Service Manage and Extend. Our mission reflects our longstanding commitment to providing excellence while executing the tasks to fulfil the requirements of our customers and stakeholders.

Our Product Development service aims at building as well as improvising a product via addition of new functionalities to a new or existing product as per the requirement of client. Our IT Services are offered in general as well as customizable forms. We always offer tailor-made solution to every requirement. We help our clients manage their websites and applications via cloud security.

Our mission also includes the facilitation of clients in case they require space and resources to develop something on their own. Our Mobile Lab fulfils all requirements regarding enterprise mobility

Our Values

Our foundation is based on values like Integrity, Leadership, Culture and Inspiring Entrepreneurship in the organization.

Our Beliefs

Partner for Innovation

Everything begins with a good idea, and when this idea flourishes, you flourish with it. We are always ready to combine our experience and technology with your best ideas and turn them into reality.

Leo TechnoSoft collaborates with Startup companies to determine the new opportunities for successful Startup business development. We believe in collaborating with ISVs & Startup companies to accelerate time-to-market and bring software Innovation to Life.


Here's a snapshot of our journey to date

  • 2006 – Established in India & USA
  • 2007 – Set up 1st development center to serve SaaS & Cloud Environment
  • 2008 – Released 7 successful SaaS applications for our customers
  • 2009 - 15,000 sq ft R&D center set up in Pune
  • 2010 – Successfully transitioned 4 customers for BOMT model to their own premise Set up mobility division with SaaS along with Product Engineering R&D Center
  • 2011 – Set up office in Singapore
  • 2012 – Served more than 28 Enterprises customers and set up Operation Optimization services
  • 2013 – Helped a leading online brand monitoring company with BOMT model
  • 2014 – Opened a new office is Chicago/Midwest. Extended our reach and offerings to the Midwestern US.
  • 2015 – Introduced the Mobile Lab for the development and testing of applications running on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, along with infrastructure and scalability for start-ups and ISVs.
  • 2016 – Stared a separate division for Enterprise security.

For any further information you require, feel free to mail us enquiry@leosys.net and visit our page here for all necessary contact details.

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